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Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair: Is a process used by technicians to remove small dents and imperfections from the vehicle WITHOUT having to use paint or bondo on the vehicle during the repair process.

What size dents can be removed?

This is determined by how sharp or how deep it is and where it is located, rather than how large. We specialize in parking lot damage, door dings, golf ball and baseball impacts, the odd kick dent as well as hail damage.

What about Paint Chips and Scratches in the Damage area?

These can sometimes be polished / rubbed out or minimized when we remove the dent. If the paint is chipped down to the substrate or steel, removing the loose paint and the dent, then applying factory touch up paint can make for a very acceptable repair.

How long do repairs take?

Small dents can sometimes be done while you wait. Most repairs are completed within 1-4 hours. Hail damage on a complete vehicle can usually be fixed within 2-4 days. Most times a vehicle can be repaired more than once with no problem when using Paintless Dent Repair. PT AutoCosmetics may be able to provide you with mobile service depending on the severity of the damage and where and when you want the repair performed.

How accurate are the repairs?

Quite often dings and dents can be repaired to a 95% accuracy while 100% is sometimes achievable. These repairs are done without runs, sags, orange peel, dirt, sanding marks, or color mismatch which is sometimes associated with substandard body shop repairs.

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Avoid the cost of expensive body work and repainting. Minor dents and dings can be repaired using our paintless repair method. Call Paul Tobin for an appointment to have your vehicle assessed.

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Before shot of repair being done for Actons Tire Service, Watford, Ont.

Repair performed at my shop on Nauvoo Rd. Watford, Ont. Done with Paintless Dent Repair using the "kinetic shrinking process". Completed repair before assembly. No Bondo or repainting was necessary.

Completed, ready to deliver. Total repair cost? $226 bucks. Would have been over $500 dollars at a Bodyshop when you consider repainting and re-lettering the boxside + at least 2-3 days downtime on this commercial vehicle. Another example where Paintless Dent Repair IS the best way of repair on small damage.






More before and after pictures

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Massey Ferguson tractor hood. Damage was caused by wood falling on it and it has a few dents to repair. After repair. Yes .. tractors seem to have slightly thicker metal but it still repaired just fine.
Before shot of Buick fender damage. After Paintless dent repair Repaired at PT Autocosmetics January 9th 2012. This repair generally runs around $250 depending on severity and location as well as accessibility.
This one came in via referral from the local Bodyshop January 26th 2012. Owner was quoted 'bout $500 to fix properly incl' colour blend adjacent panels at the local quality Bodyshop. Because of the location of the damage and careful PDR methods applied a 100% repair was attainable.
I surveyed the damage and possible repair access and mentioned to the owner that Paintless Dent Repair methods might be applicable here and save him considerable money plus same day return of vehicle. Had this dent been much closer to the front of the door conventional bodyshop repair would have been necessary due to extensive bracing in the door as can be seen in the small protrusion in the metal near the front of the door. Creases at the top and bottom of damage required significant stress relieving due to the bodylines being slightly pushed in also.PT Autocosmetics does work with local bodyshops to improve work throughput of the shop and give a viable repair option for customers in PDR applicable situations. A win win for all! No bondo, No repainting, quicker customer turnover and cheaper repair cost. This repair generally runs between $200- $300 dollars useing Paintless Dent Repair. Again a win for busy Bodyshops and customers!
Impala right quarter panel crease damage
crease just above bodyline before paintless dent repair
Another b4 shot of damage
After shot of Chevrolet Impala quarter panel repaired useing Paintless Dent Repair procedures and techniques
the panel was gently messaged from behind useing a micro-kinetic shrinking process which enables saving your factory original paint
Outer panel stress relieving is quite often also required to reverse the damage
GMC 1/2 ton pickup lower rear boxside damage. This type of damage has to be assessed on a case per case basis to determine pdr repairability or whether conventional Bodyshop repair is required.
b4 repair shot
After shot of repaired damage useing Paintless Dent Repair techniques
After shot of repaired area
No Painting, No Putty, No Problem!
Good to go!
Left fender damage on a Pontiac Sunfire.
This is very repairable damage using Paintless Dent Repair methods because it is in an open easily accessible part of the fender and there is no serious body line damage.
This makes for a very successful paintless dent repair job
Different angle, Same good repair.
No Bondo, No repaint, No problem!