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Dura-Shield Rustproofing

A few reasons why rustproofing is a good investment and quite practical

Safety- Rustproofing protects brake lines, fuel lines,transmission and power steering lines from potential accident causing blowouts caused by corrosion and also preserves the structural rigidity of your unibody or frame type vehicle helping ensure a safe operating vehicle longer.

Cost Effectiveness-Rustproofing minimizes expensive mechanical repairs such as fuel and brake line replacements, fuel tank or fuel tank filler neck replacements, oil pan rust outs Etc.

Most times expensive body repairs such as rusted out floorboards, trunk floors, rocker panels, fenders, quarters panels, door bottoms, box sides,cab corners,bumpers and rebars, as well as rust perforation of other body panels are eliminated or greatly minimized depending on how old the vehicle is when the rustproofing process is applied (a few of these repair bills or safety issues mentioned above and suddenly rustproofing is not that expensive of an option anymore!)

Preservation-Rustproofing helps retain your vehicle OEM factory appearance and structural rigidity long after non rustproofed vehicles have begun rusting away thus helping to ensure a longer useful life for your vehicle and / or a higher monetary value at trade-in or lease turn-in time.

In closing please rest assured that Pauls many years of oil spraying and working in the auto body trade makes him well qualified to diagnose and rustproof all potential rust prone areas of your vehicle with complete competence and professional expertise.

Paul will be happy to show you some of his vehicles that have been rustproofed annually for years to demonstrate the longevity of the rustproofing process and product as well as substantiate his application process and procedures.

Thank- You For Reading This And Hope To See You Soon!!

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Rustproof with Dura-Shield® to protect your investment

Effective on Passenger Vehicles, Trucks, & Buses

Dura-Shield® Rust Protection is ideal for both new and used vehicles. It stops existing rust and prevents new rust from forming.

Independent laboratory tests confirm Dura-Shield® provides a reliable barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements, including road salt, industrial pollutants and moisture. It does not harm paint, rubber, plastic, computer components or the electric circuitry of the vehicle.

Dura-Shield® does not drip harden or peel. It is made for the Canadian climate!

High pressure application ensures that all parts of the vehicle including hard-to-reach seams and crevices are protected. Dura-Shield® penetrates these seams and crevices to eliminate moisture. It protects all inner cavity and undercarriage areas of your vehicle.

Dura-Shield® contains active ingredients that will continue to protect your vehicle against rust- causing road abrasives and pollutants. It is a clean and affordable product and can be applied over a previously treated vehicle.


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This is a typical example of what I used to sometimes find behind body panels that I used to disassemble from cars that were in for repairs at an Auto Body shop that I used to work at. This is an example of improperly applied rust proofing product. The applier went too quickly to assure proper application of the product. The product should be applied so that it reaches as close as possible to all extremities of the panel so that the product can then finish migrating into all the seams and pinch welds on the panel over time. Spraying one quick pass across the middle of the panel as was done here will not achieve complete rust protection of the panel.

Why I am pointing this out is that when the panel is bolted on the vehicle this area is almost completely hidden from view and is very hard to see and verify by the customer that the product was applied properly until 2 or 3 years down the road when rust starts to perforate through the panel. Please take this into consideration when pricing out a potential Rust proofing facility as this is a service as well as a product and the product is only going to work properly if applied properly.

We at P. T. Autocosmetics offer 2 different Rust proofing Product Systems at 2 different pricing and product quality levels to try and cover both ends of the rust proofing market. We have the high quality long lasting DURA-SHIELD RUSTPROOFING line for the quality oriented customer desiring a very robust well adhering product that does not drip, peel or wash off in high spray areas. On the other end we also offer the ECONO-SHIELD line for the budget minded customer who desires a product with almost all the features of the DURA-SHIELD line without the higher price. Please visit both product web pages on my site to see which product is right for your application.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to see you soon.

Rusted Fender

Why Should you rustproof your vehicle ?

Ever wonder why a lot of non rustproof vehicles seem to be rusty in similar areas of the body from one vehicle to another? Have a look at the rusty car parked around town and notice where the rust or rust holes are. You will notice upon closer inspection that the holes are usually close to seams or crevices, under mouldings or trim, lap joints between welded metal and at folded areas where dirt can sit and collect. Most of the larger rusted areas have a common trait which is that they originate in hidden areas behind the panel that you see. The dirt and salt can accumulate and stay wet longer than other areas even in dry weather.

These hidden areas are very hard for the factory to protect with primers and paint and are harder to protect when refinishing. Believe it or not almost all the rust damage originates from inside the panel and not the outside where you eventually see it!

Luckily there is a practical way to save hidden metal areas from rusting out. PT Autocosmetics has the equipment and quality rustproofing product to reach and penetrate these hidden areas inside the body panels to eliminate or contain the damaging effects of corrosion (please note however that some hidden areas will require drilling a small ˝” hole, if there is no other access to the area provided)

This rustproofing method however does require an annual re-application to assure continued protection in high spray areas such as wheel wells, behind wheels spray areas such as rocker panels, rear bumper rebars and water spray exposed fuel, brake and tranny lines Etc.