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Hail Damage Repair

In 2011 PT AUTO Cosmetics partnered with DEN-WAY Auto body in Bayfield to do hail and dent repair on Goderich tornado damaged vehicles.
Before repair

Den Way Autobody Worksite. September 2011. Bayfield, Ont.

A few biggies here in Bayfield too.

But we fix 'em unlike some other Dent Companies.

After repair

Summer-Fall 2008, PT AutoCosmetics working on location
of Chatham's 2008 Hail Storm for Auto Dentist Inc. of Ottawa, Ont.

Hail damaged Buick trunk lid before paint free dent repair
After repair no painting was required
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Examples of hail damage that is repairable using Paintless Dent Repair methods.
Repairable roof on a GM pickup.
A before shot of repairable Toyota Tundra pickup roof
Another shot of some Hail damage.
Dollar size Hail Damage we will typically repair at a Hail repair site.
Brandon, MB. Hail damage
When Hail strikes you can depend on Pt Autocosmetics to arrive on scene, work with Insurance companies and local Bodyshops to ensure that your vehicle gets a proper repair....Paintfree Dent Repair whenever possible to preserve your vehicles resale value. Paintfree Dent Repair techniques mean no bondo, no putty, no paint mismatches, no paint and overspray on windows or trim and mouldings, no dirt or runs in the finish and most of all quicker return of your repaired Vehicle.
Some Calgary, AB. hail damage that we typically repair
Fairly badly damaged roof from a Calgary hail storm vehicle which we would typically repair with Paintfree Dent Repair Methods.
On badly damaged hoods we will typically assess the cost of Paintless Dent repair vs the cost of replacing and painting a new hood plus adjacent panels to ensure the most cost effective and time consious choice of repair.
Being a Vehicle Hail damage Technician typically requires cross country travel to be available in the region where the Vehicle damageing hail has occurred.PT Autocosmetics meets these obligations with my fully contained hail damage repair vehicle enableing me to setup at a repair facility to repair the vehicles while working with Bodyshops, other hail repair companies and insurance companies.
A scenic stop on top of Lake Superior.
An unscenic stop in Winnipeg,MB. Notice the broken windows on the mini-van right beside mine. Winnipeg has sometimes been called Canadas little Detroit due to high crime rates here. O.K. off topic I know.
PT Autocosmetics stopped at the geographical center of Canada.
PT Autocosmetics in Wawa, Ont.
On the open road to be wherever the mobile Hail repair Technician is needed.
Carlyle, Sask. was one of my brief stops.
Just outside Marathon, Ont. on the Trans Canada hwy.
Waiting for the Manitoulin Ferry while heading west
Another stop on top of Superior.
Manitoba. PT Autocosmetics did hail repair/ Paintfree Dent Repair in both Winnipeg and Brandon for Auto Dentist Inc out of Ottawa.
Heading to Calgary, AB . Sept 2010 to subcontract for Canadian Hail Repair Inc.
This is my fully self contained mobile - Vehicle hail repair Van
I am now equiped with the newer L.E.D. and flourescent PDR lighting for optimum viewing of area to be repaired.
PT Autocosmetics industry standard repair estimating matrix.
Can I be of service to you?
PT Autocosmetics also works with the other industry standard repair estimating systems too.

Avoid the cost of expensive body work and repainting. Minor hail damage can be repaired using our paintless repair method. Call Paul Tobin for an appointment to have your vehicle assessed.

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