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Headlight Lens Resurfacing

Plastic headlight "Resurfacing"

Resurfacing your lenses can improve your night visibility by as much as 50%. Driving with yellow or clouded lenses can be a safety hazard.

How long will a repair last?

It should last at least 2 years or longer depending on the amount of UV (sun) exposure. This system can be used on any type of clear plastic. We reapply a special U.V. resistant clear coat after the "clearification" process is performed to ensure longevity of the lens as is done at the O.E.M. level.


  • -Eliminates dullness.
  • -Perfect for removing the foggy appearance.
  • -Enhances appearance of vehicle and increases value for resale.
  • -Increases distance of view for night driving.
  • -Eliminates cost of replacement.

This headlight has right side resurfaced.When the job is done the headlight looks new, often at a cost that is less then what you would pay for a used headlight.
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PT AutoCosmetics uses Rightlook Shine restorer and protector for the ultimate in UV protection for a long lasting repair.


Rightlook Shine restorer and protector