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Windshield Stone Chip Repair


Windshield Stone Chip / Small Crack Repair is a cost effective process to structurally restore the strength and optimal clarity to a lightly damaged windshield without the need for a more costly replacement. PT AUTOCOSMETICS uses the GLASSPRO REPAIR SYSTEMS dual stage vacuum injection system for optimal post repair bonding strength and clarity. This system is a 2 stage "Air out- Resin in" method that provides as close to a 100 % clear repair as any system out there without the high cost. The repair should be performed as soon as possible on the Stone chip or Small Crack before dirt, impurities or washer fluid additives such as Rain-X or Other silicones penetrate the damaged area as there is no way to effectively remove all contaminates once they are in the damaged area.

Make PT AUTOCOSMETICS your choice for quality windshield stone chip repair in the Sarnia-Lambton and Middlesex County area.

Below are examples of windshield damage that can almost always be repaired to 100% pre damage strength and to between 75-95% optical clarity.

BULLSEYE up to toonie size.

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Combination BreakWings  or crescent moon type breakSTAR breaks with a short running leg
Combination Breaks up to toonie size
Wings or crescent moon type break.
Most STAR breaks with a short running leg can also be repaired.


Optical clarity of the finished repair is affected by factors such as dirt, dirt carrying moisture and age of the damage.

It needs to be remembered that the first priority of windshield repair is to evacuate the air and moisture out and then rebond the damage area to stop further damage (crack out) from occurring while achieving a 75-95% optical clarity.

Repairable damage prices start from $55.00 and up for a small bullís-eye, combo or star break ranging in size from a dime to a quarter in size. There are discounts available for multiple repairs on the same windshield.


In the case of windshield damage that is not economically repairable... PT AUTOCOSMETICS will suggest a local reputable glass replacement facility to complete the windshield replacement competently and professionally at your convenience when requested.

Mobile Windshield Repair Services

Windshield repairs can be done in our Watford shop or our windshield repair expert can come to you. Please call for details.

Many small windshield chips and cracks can be repaired avoiding the cost of windshield replacement, but it must be done before the crack spreads. Here is an outline of conditions for a repairable windshield:

  1. Cracked area must not be in the acute vision area of the driver (In the wiper sweep, directly above the steering wheel).
  2. A bulls eye or star break must not be much larger than a $1 Dollar coin.
  3. A crack must not span 2 edges of the windshield.
  4. Multiple cracks usually are not repairable.
  5. Large baseball type hits are not repairable.
  6. Car body stress related cracks are not repairable.
  7. Best results are obtained when damage is repaired as soon as possible after damage occurrence.
  8. Irremovable impurities in the damage area will negatively affect structural integrity (bonding) and optimal repair clarity.
  9. The damage must not penetrate both the inner and the outer layers of the glass.
  10. Recent water repellent treatment will adversely affect the repair bond during and after repair.

The experts at Pt AutoCosmetics will be able to advise you if damage can be repaired. Call today to book a convenient time for an inspection.

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